Barb S.

After suffering a neck injury, I went through the traditional medical treatment of medication and physical therapy.
When that didn’t give me much relief, my next course of treatment was chiropractic care.
That helped, but I was still left with a stiff, sore neck and limited range of motion.
My heat pack and ibuprofen were daily rituals.
Fortunately, I found out about Ginny and MFR treatment!
I wish I had gone to her in the first place!
It was only then that I began to recover!
She also treated me successfully for plantar fasciitis, which had gotten so bad I couldn’t stand or walk without experiencing a great deal of pain.
A specialist told me I would have to wear good support shoes and/or orthotics for the rest of my life – – – summer sandals never again.
I walk fine now, without shoe inserts/orthotics, and can even wear sandals without a problem.
Ginny is also a great yoga instructor!
I’ve found the combination of yoga and things I learned through MFR treatments are keeping my muscles and joints in good condition.

Brenda D.

Four and a half years ago I was brought to WHYoga kicking and screaming by a friend. I had tried yoga before and with my physical limitations – low back surgery years ago and general physical de-conditioning, I had always injured myself. I felt yoga was for other people but not for me. Much to my surprise, this yoga and this instructor was a good fit for me. Ginny Jurken has knowledge of the body and proper alignment, patience, teaches that yoga is your own personal practice and incorporates breathing techniques and meditation into each practice. I began to get in touch with my own body, started breathing with my movements and began owning my practice. The room could be filled with people but I was practicing within the limits of my body and my mat. I began loving yoga and how it transformed my life. I feel better physically, having corrected much of my posture through yoga. I have gained muscle mass in my core to help support my back. I’m much more limber and can move my body more easily in ways I could not before I began yoga.

I became so much more aware of my body as I practiced yoga and I knew that although yoga was healing, there were physical, structural elements due to years of postural bracing, my back injury – still making a fuller recovery more difficult. I decided to allow Ginny to try myofascial release (MFR) on my back and hips just to see if she could help me get better alignment of my pelvis. Again, I found this to be another tool in the tool box of conservative modalities to assist me in having a healthy body and rid myself of pain. Ginny was able to stabilize my pelvis and gave me instructions on how to follow up at home so I can take an active roll in keeping my pelvis aligned. There is a sense of pride in knowing I’m taking personal responsibility for myself, my health and well being as I age. The environment and sense of community Ginny has established in her new, beautiful studio is welcoming and peaceful. Ginny has gone far beyond her PT knowledge by continuing to educate herself in MFR and attending intensive yoga seminars to stay abreast of the newest research. She has dedicated herself to helping others. She has changed my life.