Seeing and Understanding Bodies Training with Dr Timothy McCall

Seeing and Understanding Bodies — 
Back By Popular Demand!
Sat., July 29 thru Weds., Aug 2
9:00am to 3:30pm
WHYoga Physical Therapy in Elm Grove, WI.
$650 early bird discount (before June 30th)
$720 afterwards



This training for yoga teachers, yoga therapists and serious yoga students is designed to refine your ability to observe subtleties of anatomical alignment, “tensegrity” (don’t worry if this term is new to you — all will be explained), the movement of breath and even the elusive “flow of prana” in a wide variety of asana.

Seeing and Understanding Bodies was inspired by a series of workshops of the same name taught by Donald Moyer in Berkeley with Timothy McCall’s unique spin on the material. While yoga anatomy as it’s typically taught can be useful, he tends to view yoga anatomy more holistically, for example, studying whole bone movements rather than focusing solely on individual muscles and small parts of bones. We’ll examine the effects of chaining through the myofascia and liken asana to tensegrity structures like suspension bridges and geodesic domes.

In the workshop, attendees will work to deepen their abilities to discern what’s happening in a student’s body, as a way to figure out how to help them go deeper into yoga, get out of pain, find a path toward holistic healing, etc. He will cover anatomy and alignment, for sure, but he’ll also hone our ability to read the flow of “prana” in people doing yoga poses. Attendees will learn to assess tensegrity, which is partly about alignment, but also tied to the balance of effort and ease in the pose as well as the flow of the breath.

To develop our eyes, we will systematically examine in detail the feet and ankles, the knees, the hips, the spine and ribs, the neck and shoulders, the skull and jaw, and the hands and wrists, in a variety of poses. We’ll look for patterns and discuss ways to work with various imbalances and abnormalities. In addition to lectures, and a review of relevant anatomy, the workshop will feature a lot of partner and group work, where you can practice your observational skills, and refine your ability of adjust students’ practices to meet their needs. Although it won’t be the main focus, we’ll also practice some yoga!

Ginny Jurken, a physical therapist, yoga therapist, anatomy instructor for health care professional students at Marquette University and seasoned practitioner of myofascial release (MFR) will assist. The five-day workshop will take place at WHYoga-PT, in suburban Milwaukee, starting Saturday July 29th running through Wednesday, August 2nd.